Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Avoid SCAMS...Reality-Networkers

Reality Networkers is a FAT SCAM.

As you join and start advertising you'll get a lot of UN-EXISTING referrals.Try to contact them - they will tell you how they are delighted with Reality Networkers,they are going to promote it hardly and other blah-blah best things about RN. They promote the program to you, their referrer.If you're smart enough you must become suspicious.

Ask them if they need your help or something and they will never respond.But they will write to you if they find some good news about the program.

Also you can expect to get a lot of referrals for very little advertising.It happened once that I got 2 referrals and that day I had only 7 hits to my RN link. It is impossible!

I sent my ads 3 times in 14 days to 5-6 safelists and (you'll not believe)got 14 referrals?!?? and they all had unbelievable 169 referrals!!??!!

One day one of my most active referrals tried to push me to upgrade.
When I stopped my activity there they also stopped their activity!

So, my friend, I give you here enough reasons not to waste your time with this scam.Try something better but you must know that not only Reality Networkers is scam.I tried it is 2x2 $11 cycler.I advertised it for a month and more and got ZERO referrals.

In my opinion all matrix schemes are scams. They have only false promises. They are made only to make money for their owners and their friends which are directly under the owners. Making money in 5, 25, 125, 625, 3125... systems is very attractive but unfortunately impossible for an average marketer. Only if you have a huge list of thousands people and you like scamming your subscribers...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Added later...

Find out all about Internet Scams - Ebook Stop Being A Victim by Dave Grey.This ebook is not free, costs $5, but it will save your time and money. Learn everything you need to know about Internet SCAMS! Also, you can make money reselling this ebook and keep 100% of the profit.

Learn how to avoid Internet Scams and make money helping other people to avoid scams. What can be better then that?

Added September 2010

Not all matrices are scams. i found this two months ago and already received some commissions. OK you'll probably not get rich with this (that's a low cost program, only $5 one time) but you'll get $2.50 for each paid referral and get involved in a 3x15 matrix scheme with huge possibility to earn.

With this site you'll be giving away free advertising (contact solo ads to 10,000 members) so you can get many many referrals and about 25% of them take the upgrade option which is very good upgrade ratio.

Focus yourself only in this program, promote it hardly for the next 6 months until you find 10 active referrals and then... retire!

The first step is free click here to join now for free then Contact me for additional support if you really want to make money with this!


  1. Interesting Viewpoint about Matrices...

    I have bee marketing for almost 50 years very successfully and have only seen Success from, Matrices going to the the Instigators.

    We encourage Personal Product Creation in our Marketing community.
    Much better to be in CONTROL of Your Own Business

    1. I joined Reality Networkers so I could have the large list of people to advertise to, However, after sending several e-mails to the list, I noticed that no one clicked on my e-mails.

      It makes one wonder how is it possible for a list of over 5 million people receiving e-mails and no one clicked on any.

      GDI does pay me though.

      Find out more by contacting me on my Google Account.

  2. thank you..i just signed up today but when i read this, i won't continue anymore..

  3. Ive been studying RN and and on my pre-stage already. I already thought of joining, but thanks to this blog.

  4. Not true about Reality Networkers. Reality-Networkers, an international organization, was founded not to compete with the other online opportunities, but instead, to truly maximize the earning potential of all online opportunities out there.

    At Reality-Networkers, we understand that, it is very hard for some people to refer 2 ~ 5 people. While others may have no trouble referring hundreds of people, their referrals may have a difficult time replicating their efforts.

    Our goal is to make people realize what it really takes to earn money online. What mindset is needed, and what kind of effort is necessary to truly achieve financial freedom through online opportunities.

    We believe that with the entire group of people helping each other, supporting each other, teaching each other, and most importantly, motivating and pushing each other, everyone in the team can become an active network marketer and refer at least 2 ~ 5 people.

    Then, it does not matter what kind of opportunities are out there, it does not matter what kind of system they have. YOU will be able take your entire team of active members and succeed in every single one of them.

    1. Hello, i am a member of RN long time ago and recently I tried to help 6 of my direct referrer in upgrading and place them under my front line, but I am still an active level 1 member. Not sure how this system works but I hope someone can help us make things clear enough for us to continue working with this company.


    2. Hi JonBoy,

      I am a member of RN. Would you email me please? I would like to talk to you. My name is Jim Roberts (real name) email me at: Thank you!

    3. JonBoy is a liar! Reality Networkers is a SCAM. They do exactly as this Blog says. They are not real and they are only ripping people off! Please if you have been scammed by this organization by all means report them to every SCAM site on the Internet. I lost $150 to them, the cost of signing up with full privileges. They put 522 people (fake people in my downline) These people do not exist and that is why they don't permit you to contact them. They say the reason is because of SPAM, but you can't SPAM an OPT IN LEAD! I earned $680 from this place but they refused to pay. Then they refused to answer my emails. I tried placing a charge back on my credit card, but they told my bank I was trying to SCAM them. If I had the owner of the company in front of me, I would bust him with my fist in his lying pie hole! THIS IS A SCAM. REPORT THEM EVERYWHERE!

  5. Reality Networkers IS a scam! I have referred over 20 people and many of them have referred well over 5 people each. I have never been able to "take your entire team of active members". I have paid a lot of money to this company for various upgrades and perks. In the last few months I have sent numerous emails to my direct upline sponsor and to admin and I have received NO reply to any of them. It IS a scam!

  6. This Blog Is a Bunch of BS!

    I have over 566 referrals! I have over 2000+ in my downline.

    I AM a LEVEL 3 member! I have been paid several times! I have made several referral contest commissions! I have sent emails to the Admin, and
    gotten responses back! Admin even asked me to write a report! Report Number 93 is MINE!

    All these people who scream scam, are worthless POS's that don't give the program time to make it!

    No wonder why these people fail. They join, they do a little work, and when nothing happens they scream SCAM! Like this Blog OWNER!

    I have been apart of this program for over a year now to where I am at now! I am so close to making it to level 4 and making great money with my downline!

    1. @Darunner14

      Hi, I am a member of Reality Networkers since 28th Jan 2013. So far I have managed to get 18 referrals out of which 5 referrals are being given by my up-line Mr. Donald.

      I want to register as a regular member. The site states that I have made 182 people in my downline and my commission so far is $640. Is this true. Will I get this particular amount after registering. Please help.

    2. Actually, before you will get paid, you need to have five referrals who also paid their membership fee of $25 each. That is when you receive your commission. But I don't know if you will receive the $640. What I know is you will get $40 commission after 5 of your referrals pay or upgrade.

    3. Level 1 : 5 members = 40$
      Level 2 : 5 members with 5 members each is 25 = 100$
      Level 3: 25 members with 5 members each is 125 = 500$
      Therefore, if you have 182, you are eligible for $640 (40+100+500). Clear?

    4. Arent' you special! THIS PLACE IS A SCAM! Run by a bunch of assholes. I had 522 in my down line, they never paid me for level 1 or level 2. They owed me $40, $100, $125, and $640. I never received one check

    5. You are either the biggest liar or a person who is involved with this SCAM directly. They are ASSHOLES and they won't even respond to their emails. They screwed me out of $680 and I wish they would all die! Don't get on here and defend these scum. They are liars and so are you!

  7. Reality networkers only pay you for paid referrals and not free referrals. This business is suitable for people who want to build a long term business not some quick fix.The cost is a once off $25 and there are no upgrades. Check your facts people.

    1. I just gave you the facts. I had paid referrals, plue 522 people in my downline. These are not real people. If they were you could contact them and network with them. You can't do it because they don't exist.

  8. NO PEOPLE who join this program quit! Its a scam and the only people defending it are the people running it. 95% people who joined this will scream scam and ask for there money back This is the only program where i have joined and paid and received nothing back. I even worked my ass of promoting it and still got nowherE APART FROM A BUNCH OF FAKE REFERALS WHO NEVER ANSWER BACK..i HOPE THEY GET CAUGHT AND SENT TO JAIL

  9. I have been a member of RN for over a year. I completed my front line and am a level 2. Been that way for a long time now I have passed active referrals down to my level 1 "active" members and they never added them to their front line. I emailed my active referrals before passing them down so I know at least they were good. I have never heard back from my upline or from the admin. I believe it to be a hoax. Stay away.

    1. Just to add... You have to actually have 30 paid referrals before you get paid anything... Then you have to rely on the original five actually staying active as you cannot replace them. That is "if" they would actually pay.

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  11. Hi, I'm a member of the Reality Networkers and currently at level one. I have not invested any money into it but I have earned from it. for my upgrade, I place myself on the benefactor's list and someone sponsored me. I've also earned $110 (Canadian Dollars) from winning the referral contests. I'm repeating this, I done all this without paying the $25 signup. The system works but if you don't give it time it won't. I was a little skeptical at first but now I can see that it's legit so if you're also unsure about joining, here's my email and I'll answer questions I can about the system and how it works. Please don't send any ads to me.

  12. Learn the Art of NO RISK , Online Money Making , Earn $1000 plus DAILY or MONTHLY... your choice....

  13. I signed up to the program you suggested. How do I contact you?

  14. There is a Simple and onetime matrix really you all should join as this is no big deal at the cost as its only a onetime $1.50 payment and I believe its brilliant I have 30 referrals and I promote to help them all from my rotator I am on level 4 working up to level 5 in the space of only 4 months this is fantastic as no-one can lose in only a onetime $1.50 payment take my word for it everyone this is one big stayer. Cath

  15. There is another simple and onetime payment again it still is only $1.50 and you get paid instantly if this is the type of programs you love you will love this one too

  16. Cath, is this straight up re both these programs? They really work? Richard

  17. Stay Away from Reality-Networkers. They are a true SCAM. They will take your money and give you nothing. Read the first article on this string, it is very true. If you see the name Markus like hell. The name may be fictitious, but I promise if you deal with him you will lose money. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY IF YOU INVOLVE YOURSELF WITH REALITY_NETWORKERS BUYER BEWARE

  18. Stay Away from Reality-Networkers. They are a true SCAM. They will take your money and give you nothing. Read the first article on this string, it is very true. If you see the name Markus like hell. The name may be fictitious, but I promise if you deal with him you will lose money. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY IF YOU INVOLVE YOURSELF WITH REALITY_NETWORKERS BUYER BEWARE

  19. I am with Reality-Networkers more than one year! I have now more than 300 direct referrals with 4 upgraded member, and I am waiting the five one to get my $40! of course I am not sure that if I have the last one I will receive my money! cause I worked hard before in the contest week in reality networkers! but every time in the last two days in the contest there is fakes names added with fakes points and fake referrals!
    I tried many times, but every time I lost in the two last days!
    I contact the admin but no results! so I stopped referring.

  20. payment proof, this is my level 1 commission truly reality networkers is not a scam

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